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      The year 2011 is a turning point for Victall. The company has started a new undertaking by sticking to its internationalization strategy. With its team work and design capability, the company has successfully won foreign orders and exploited overseas market! Victall mode - internal practice, external extension to contest for international market share - has achieved good results. 2011 is a remarkable year for Victall, which witnessing the startup of Victall’s internationalization journey!

1.From January to April, company launched a campaign “Be absorbed in production, be dedicated to quality control, spare no effort to guarantee delivery”.
       Since January 2011, Victall has lay emphasis on the optimization of its mechanism and procedure, and the management of its product line. Aiming for lean manufacturing, the company reacted with clean planning and thorough execution to make sure scheduled delivery of its orders.

      Victall has opened “have/have not, right/wrong, did/didn’t do” movement, aiming for problems during production, QC and delivery, and taken measures onsite. The movement lay emphasis on self-inspection and correction of procedures of every department. Have/have not is to judge the preparation of worksheets, to make sure the completion of worksheets; right/wrong is to inspect the problems in these worksheets by means of confirmation, supplier audit and internal control; and did/didn’t do is execution, to make sure the quality of production by auditing the qualification of key processes, arranging onsite supervisors, and filling process control record sheet.

2.In May 2011, company carried out the management in terms of benefit, operation and groundwork.
      In May 2011, Victall opened nine programs in three big scales (efficiency and profit, operation and foundation), which are perfect, frugal, economize, wolf, eagle, elephant, clear, harmonious and smooth, in accordance with the principle of carefully planning, organization and exucation.

3.In July 2011, Victall went all out to support the maintenance for high speed trains running on Beijing-Shanghai railway line.
      CPC has been founded for 90 years on July 1st, 2011! On this remarkable date, we witnessed the official operation of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway! The railway, being 1318 km long, is the longest and most advanced high speed railway in worldwide. Victall has opened 5 aftersales service offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanking, Hangzhou and Jinan on the route to ensure the successful operation of BSHSR. Because of diligent work of our employees, we have cultivated the working style for after sales service “hard working, practice and exerting ourselves”, created the working environment of pursuit improvement, teamwork and “union is strength”. In the spirit of “high standard, be scientific, no slackness ”, to assign the roles and take on heavy responsibilities, we commit to make greater contribution to Chinese high speed railway industry and add to Victall’s glory!

4.In July 2011, Victall carried out self-check and cross-check on “Specialized Standard, Specialized Talent”.
      In response to the security check request by MOR and vehicle manufacturers, Victall put forward the movement of self-inspection and mutual-inspection leveling “professional standard and talents”. The movement aimed to improve the employees’ professional skill, and their ability to follow due procedures and operation instructions, recovery processing, beginning from details, no unqualified products produced, no unqualified products accepted and no unqualified products delivered. All employees no matter the entry time shall receive the training on quality, keep in mind the operation processes and working instructions, to ensure the quality of each product, the quality philosophy is cultivated in this way.

      To make sure the technical change of EMUs, and the opening and safe operation of BSHSR, Victall has make arduous efforts to its plan and operation. During the 108 days aftersales service, Victall has fulfill its commitment of “quickly reacted, and integrity with high quality” by cooperating with its custom and work standard of “ being more precise, more practical and more strict” . Victall was highly appraised by MOR and main car builders, which completed nine works in three levels with the manner of preciseness, to be practical, innovation and groundbreaking, devoted to internal management and external development during unusual period.

      Its internationalization strategy is not to give up domestic high speed railway market, but to improve internal management power and external competitiveness. Victall will keep transcending itself during the Going-Out, with the rapid and sound development of international cooperation, and the stabilization of domestic market, to fully exploit its potential. It will follow the steps of customs in products design, technic change, quality control, delivery and aftersales service. Victall will never give away its domestic market, and foreign market will be one more gold chance for Victall’s future!

5.In July 2011, Victall Wien Office and Victall European Holdings Co., Limited were founded.
      In July, Victall Wien Office and Victall European Holdings Limited was both founded, which is a stable step Victall has taken for its development plan in Europe, and a milestone for Victall’s internationalization and firm cooperation with European customs.

6.In October 2011, itinerant exhibition of Victall’s products was successful in Europe.
      From October 5th to 19th, Victall has opened a two-week itinerant exhibition in cities such as Vienne, Valencia and Krefeld, which has given a very deep impression among purchasers such as Siemens, Bombardier, Alstom and etc.

7.In December 2011, Victall Decoration Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd – one subsidiary of Victall—passed IRIS audit. Siji Moulds and Tooling Co., Ltd and Victall Painting Co., Ltd – the subsidiaries of Victall passed the suppliers’qualification audit.

      In year of 2012, adopting the policy of “to make breakthrough on the collaborated design and cost saving, under the mechanism of product line management, to develop market worldwide; based on zero quality defect and zero customer complaint, to compete in maintenance market; through the methods of lean production, IT application and quantified KPI, to improve cash flow and profit; all employees motivated in the spirit of starting a new undertaking to strive for victall’s internationalization” on the platform of cost saving, improvement of efficiency, optimization of package and transportation, Victall will devote to develop market worldwide!